The Eswatini Railways has adopted the following aspirations, guiding principles as well as core values to assist in providing direction during the implementation of this strategy:

Tag/Punch Line (Motto)

The adopted motto is aimed at brand positioning Eswatini Railways as a revived organization that has undergone through introspection and took a conscious decision geared toward re-igniting confidence in the market while fostering efficiency and reliability.

“Efficiency Re-defined”

Vision Statement

Eswatini Railways’s vision provides inspiration and challenges all shareholders, board of directors and staff towards an ideal of what the organization can become. It has been purposefully created and articulated to bridge the present and future and to serve as a critical impetus for diversity and service delivery as a complete logistics service. The following vision was adopted for the duration of the new strategy:-

“to lead in providing total quality rail transport and logistics solutions in the region and beyond”

Mission Statement

Eswatini Railways mission statement is a brief description of a company's fundamental purpose and it answers the question of why the organization is in existence. The mission statement plays a pivotal role in guiding and converging the operations of the organization, spelling out its overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making. It provides the framework or context within which the Eswatini Railways’s vision and strategies will be achieved. The following mission statement was adopted:-

“Our mission is to provide transportation services to the local and international markets


  • delivering a service that is responsive to current and future customer needs,
  • fostering and influencing mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships,
  • ensuring high standards of safety, quality, environmental and risk management practices and;
  • enhancing shareholder confidence and value through self sustenance.

Statement of Values

The following ethics and values are in line with the desired corporate culture and demands from the mandate that Eswatini Railways is entrenching in shareholders, directors, staff and as a philosophy against which decisions are based and evaluate performance in the company’s pursuit of excellence:

Integrity: - Honesty | Reliability | Fairness | Equity

Transparency: - Approachable | Openness | Communication | Provide relevant information

Respect: - Punctuality | Consideration | Courtesy | Humility | Accommodative

Professionalism: - Confidentiality | Efficiency & Effectiveness | Accuracy of information | Ethical conduct | Excellence | Innovation

Eswatini Railways Building
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