Eswatini Railways is a parastatal organization that provides transport services for import and export commodities as well as transit cargo. It is rated one of the best railways in the SADC region in terms of transit time, reliability and predictability. It links Swaziland’s main industrial centres with the railway systems of South Africa, Mozambique and other SADC countries that trade with overseas markets. This railway owns and maintains the infrastructure, rolling stock and operates a 301km rail network.


Support Staff

80, 50, 40

Wagon Trains


Tonnes / Year

Eswatini Railways moves a wide variety of goods through the rail ntwork;
Exports: such as; sugar, coal, canned fruit, wool pulp and timber.
Imports: petroleum products and general goods.

Eswatini Railways operates a state of the art Dry Port which acts as a satellite port for Durban Port.

Our network extends east from Matsapha Industrial Site to Phuzumoya where it connects with Northern rail link to access the South African ports of Durban and Richards Bay. The Mananga link to the North provides access to northern countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, and DRC.

Eswatini Railways Values

Professionalism – maintain the highest level of competence in the discharge of its duties.

People Centric –We place people first and encourage meaningful relationships in our processes.

Accountability – We take ownership and responsibility to our customers and stakeholders while embracing moral and ethical behaviour in our business dealings.

Reliability – Dependable, we can count on you / We are dependable/ You can count on us.

Team-work – We strive to work in a spirit of complementarity, where everyone’s effort and contribution will be respected, appreciated, and valued

Integrity – We maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour when executing our duties.

The ESR Vision

To be a sustainable total logistics partner of choice.

The ESR Mission Statement

To provide competitive and quality logistics services using innovative solutions to stimulate economic growth.

Nixon Dlamini joined as CEO of Eswatini Railways (previously known as Swazi Rail) in March 2020, just as COVID-19 really started disrupting life here in Africa. The 300km railway network plays a pivotal role in feeding the regional railways within the SADC region. Nixon provides the latest details (stages) on current and new projects, specifically the Eswatini link, previously known as the Swazi rail link which links to South Africa, among others. The Eswatini link is a joint project between the governments of South Africa and Eswatini and includes South African based Transnet. Other projects include inland terminals and further details regarding this will be made available soon.

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