Eswatini Rail Link Project Enters Resettlement stage


The Eswatini Rail Link Project is a Strategic Joint Inter-Railway Initiative between the two State Owned railway entities of Republic of South Africa and the Kingdom of Eswatini that will provide a strategic rail link for both countries with the two major East Coast ports of Richards Bay and Maputo.

The project will promote intra African trade and the integration of the Region’s freight logistics, stimulate and be a catalyst for economic development and job creation as well as contribute to a modal shift from road to Rail.








Eswatini Railways (ESR) has received adequate financing towards the implementation of the first phase of the Resettlement of Project Affected Households, fields and forests, affected by the Eswatini Rail Link Project in the following Chiefdoms.

Mabhukwini, Kuthuleni, Zenukeni, Zondwako, Mlindazwe, Mbangave, Mhlangeni, Nhlulweni, Ncabaneni, Luyengo/Khalangilile, Ntondozi, Ndinda, Mphini and Ndlinilembi.

Eswatini Railways is continuing with stakeholder engagement initiatives of all the important various stakeholders and Project Affected People (PAPs). Land acquisition for resettlement purposes is also being undertaken. Physical resettlement will begin this financial year 2021/22 Eswatini Railways wishes to take this opportunity to thank Chiefs (boBabe Tikhulu) neBantfwabenkosi, of the project affected areas for identifying and allocating alternative land for the resettlement of the affected persons.

Eswatini Railways also wishes to thank all Project Stakeholders for their anticipated cooperation as it undertakes this Strategic National and Regional Project Eswatini Railways looks forward to the successful implementation of this Strategic National and Regional Project.

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