Fraud Alert


On behalf of the Eswatini Railways Board and Management, it has come to our attention that there are ongoing fraudulent activities committed using the Eswatini Railways name.

We have been made aware that there are people posing as representing Eswatini Railways, using fraudulent documents branded with the logo of the organization or using the name of the organization seeking to do business with Eswatini businesses or members of the public. Some promise unsuspecting members of the public nonexistent employment in exchange for cash. We are in possession of fake documents purported to be coming from Eswatini Railways requesting for quotations from a local supplier for some equipment to be used for the Eswatini Rail Link Project. This document has fake contact numbers, a fake contact person and a fake email address purported to be of a person who works for Eswatini Railways. The name of the organization is being used to attract business people to fall into this trap and to defraud members of the public.

We wish to state that for any tenders, we always publish tender adverts on national newspapers and those adverts always have Eswatini Railways contact numbers. The tender documents are collected from the designated office of the organization. We are cognizant of the fact that these fraudulent activities could be taking different forms to the ones we have referred to above, we wish to state that Eswatini Railways has not commissioned anyone to solicit quotations or purchase any goods on our behalf or hire people and demand payment in the process.

We want to warn the public that should you receive any suspicious request purported to be coming from Eswatini Railways do not hesitate to contact ESR Communications through 24117400 or send email to to ascertain authenticity of the correspondence. We have made the Royal Eswatini Police Service aware of these developments and should anyone have such an experience, please do not hesitate to contact the nearest Police Station.

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