Royal Visit to Mlawula Railway Station: A Momentous Occasion for Eswatini Railways

On the auspicious day of 18th March 2024, Eswatini Railways marked a historic milestone as it proudly hosted His Majesty King Mswati III, Her Majesty the Indlovukazi, Emakhosikati, the Royal Family, and esteemed dignitaries at the Mlawula Railway Station in the picturesque Lubombo region. This exceptional event, organized by the Eswatini National Trust Commission (ENTC), offered a unique opportunity for the royal entourage to witness the rare beauty of the almost extinct Ironwood forest in Siweni, a serene enclave just a few kilometers from Mlawula.

ESR, in a gesture of honor and hospitality, provided a dedicated passenger train to transport our distinguished guests on a journey between Mlawula and Siweni, and back. The elegant carriages of the Eswatini Railways train, embodying comfort and charm, served as the conduit for this memorable excursion, enabling the guests to traverse the verdant landscapes with ease and grace.

Upon their return, His Majesty the King graciously shared his sentiments, expressing his genuine delight in the experience and his desire to relive such moments in the near future. His words resonated deeply with us at Eswatini Railways, affirming our commitment to excellence and our dedication to facilitating such remarkable journeys for our esteemed patrons.

We are profoundly humbled by the privilege of this opportunity, and we recognize it as a testament to the enduring partnership between Eswatini Railways and the Ministry of Tourism, through the esteemed Eswatini National Trust Commission. As a stakeholder in Eswatini’s development and a custodian of its heritage, ESR remains steadfast in its mission to connect people, places, and experiences.

With this historic occasion, Eswatini Railways proudly confirms its preparedness and enthusiasm to serve, reiterating its commitment to conducting business with excellence.

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