It has come to our attention that there have been incidents involving the unauthorised stoppage of trains, theft of fuel, and vandalism of railway property, perpetrated by individuals posing as employees of Eswatini Railways. We would like to emphatically state that Eswatini Railways and its genuine employees are not in the business of selling fuel, and any such activities are not only unauthorised but also illegal. 

We are deeply concerned about the safety risks and disruptions caused by these incidents, and we wish to inform and warn the public against engaging in or supporting such activities. 

The unauthorised stoppage of trains not only affects the efficiency of our services but also poses significant safety hazards. Theft of fuel and vandalism not only compromise the integrity of our operations but also endangers the well-being of the community where the railway line traverses. 

We would like to make it unequivocally clear that Eswatini Railways does not endorse or participate in the sale of fuel to the public. Any claims or representations suggesting otherwise are false. 

We are actively working with law enforcement agencies to investigate and address these incidents, and those found responsible will face legal consequences. 

Furthermore, we caution individuals against encroaching on the railway servitude for any business activities. 

The railway servitude is designated for railway operations, and any unauthorised activities pose a threat to the safety of both the public and our operations. We strongly discourage any attempts to engage in business or other activities along the railway lines without proper authorisation. 

We appreciate the cooperation of the community in reporting any suspicious activities related to unauthorised train stoppages, fuel theft, or vandalism along our railway lines. Your vigilance will contribute to maintaining the safety and integrity of our railway operations. 

We remain committed to providing safe and reliable railway services to the country and will take all necessary measures to address and prevent these unauthorised activities.

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